To Work out or Not to Work out?!

I am now 23 days into my P90X experiment. Thank you, thank you. I’m really just thanking myself. I honestly did not think I would make it past the second week when I first started. But here I am, 23 days in. First off, let me update you on some of my personal goals with my work out. I have 4 of them: Go down 4 pants sizes in the weist, lose 15 pounds, be able to at any moment drop down and do 100 push ups straight, and be able to jump and touch rim on a 10 foot basketball hoop. After 23 days here is where I am at: I have only lost 4 lbs, being that I have to eat 3100 calories for the first phase of P90X, I feel like that is an accomplishment in itself. I have managed to go down one pants size, so I am a quarter of the way there. When I first tried to see how many push ups I could do straight I hit 23. That’s it, I was blown away I could do 23. I am up to 42 now! That’s awesome I think, in 23 days I am up to 42 push ups straight.

Motivation. Staying motivated has been a pain in the ass. First off, my wife is a wonderful source of support, but, she can’t work out for me. In the end it comes down to me. Want to know what the single biggest motivator was for me? Photos. I took a bunch of pictures of myself the first day I started the workout. I was not an impressive specimen. I was rather doughy to put it nicely. 9 days later my wife took a second set of pictures. I started scrolling through them, nothing was to impressive, until the last picture. It was a picture of my back as I was flexing. I refuesd to believe that was me. My back looked completely changed in 8 days. You could see muscle, it was getting tone. I had muscles forming that I didn’t even know existed in my back.

Of everything I have read, been told, seen, on and on, that picture has been a huge motivator. The first two times I got my picture taken I couldn’t have been any more uncomfortable. I was embareced to flex, infront of my own wife. We took my third set of pictures today, I couldn’t have been more excited. I want to see the changes now. There wasn’t anything nearly as dramatic as with that first set of pictures, but you start to notice little things changing. My posture was better, my “man boobs” were slightly smaller, my face looked a bit thinner, my arms looked a little more defined. It’s encouragement. The way that I look at it is, over 90 days, these little improvements will eventually add up to dramatic changes.

If you want any information on P90X or other workouts you can do at home, go to this place for more information. My wife loves turbo fire, its upbeat, there are a lot of dancing moves. There’s a workout for you. Plus there are built in support systems through the website, that can really help keep you motivated. Really Long Link

I am a “coach” under beachbody, go to my page, go to someone other’s, just go to the main beachbody site, that’s fine. I won’t force anything down your throat about beachbody. I hate seeing beachbody or beachbody coach posts all over the place. I am a coach though to better take advantage of the support opportunities as well as the product discounts. Those two things make it worth it for me.

There have been some amazing side effects that have come with the work outs. First I am doing the P90X meal plan and drinking Shakeology. I’m on phase III of the meal plan, it is the fat burning/muscle building phase. Under my braekdown I am supposed to eat 3100 calories a day. 1100 protein, 500 vegitables, and the rest broken down between fruit, oil, carbs, etc. First off, the meal plan is aweful, I love carbs, love it, my family is Italian, I grew up on pasta and pizza! I’m allowed 100 calories of carbs a day, i.e. one english muffin or one all wheat bagel. In addition to the meal plan, I gave up caffeine. I was drinking a twelve pack of coke every two days. I thought I was over doing it with the caffeine, so I stopped drinking it and had the worst withdrawl headache. That was it, I then cut out caffeine. So meal plan, working out, and no more caffeine.

Here is my main side effect. I suffer dibilitating migraines and sinus headaches. For the past 10 years, I probably averaged 2 or 3 debilitating migraines a month and probably a headache a week. . In the past 23 days, I have had one headache, One that I gave myself for being stressed out about the bar exam. My headaches are gone though, including my sinus headaches. The weather and stress is just not affecting me like it was. In addition, I have learned that a lot of the food that I love could trigger my headaches, such as caffeine and yellow cheese, as well as food with excessive nitrates. With eating more healthy food and eliminating processed food with excesive nitrates I have cut down those headaches. Those alone make the diet change worth it. In addition, my energy is up, I’m more regular, and feel healthier. Regardless of whether or not I did the work out, I think the change in my diet alone would have eventually shown results. I was extremely unhealthy. The shakeology Shake alone gives me more vitamins and probiotics in one day than I used to eat over a span of 2 weeks.

I am not going to lie though, I am looking forward to phase II of the meal plan. I get to double my carbs!

Here is my main advice if you are going to start a work out or diet: First record what you are doing daily, from your food to your work out. Second, if you decide to do a work out video, you don’t have to keep up with them, do what works for you, you can increase the reps or weight as you progress. If you can’t keep up, don’t get discouraged. Record what you did and aim to improve on it the next work out, or the next meal.

That’s about it!

Lazy Dad!

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