Wood Pulp in Food

Ever wonder what goes into some of your food? One ingredient in a lot of food is Cellulose, i.e. Wood Pulp. Let me repeat that Wood Pulp! There is wood pulp in food. Below is a link to a page that lists some of the common foods that contain cellulose as well as some of the issues that are associated with it. Manufacturers use cellulose in food as an extender, providing structure and reducing breakage. Cellulose fibers are used in a variety of processed foods and meats meant for human and pet consumption, as well as for plastics, cleaning detergents, welding electrodes, pet litter, automotive brake pads, glue and reinforcing compounds, construction materials, roof coating, asphalt and even emulsion paints, among many other products. I don’t like the idea my food is essentially sharing way too much in common with brake pads, pet little, and asphlat. According to http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/547cellulose.html from Elmhurst College, people cannot process Cellulose. Some animals can, but it is because of bacteria in their stomach, we are not so lucky.

Cellulose is filler that we can not process and in fact can be unhealthy. More importantly, people who think they are eating healthy food, may simply just be eating more wood pulp. I love fastfood. I like it a lot less now. I like the idea of eating more natural food and really on a personal level don’t like the idea that I am eating saw dust. This may not make that big of an impact on my overall nutrition, but it will make me pause the next time I want to buy some type of processed food.

This is just food for thought.



Lazy Dad


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