Adult Swim

What I have realized since I became a stay at home dad is that I have no adult social life anymore. After I graduated from grad school in 2010, most of my friends that I graduated with left Toledo. When I left my job, with it went most of the adult friends that I had. I am quick to point out, my wife is one of my best friends and my other best friend, Nick, I talk to daily, but lives in Arizona. From there though, there are fewer and fewer adults that I get to socialize with on a daily basis.

At first, I didn’t even notice that lack of adult interaction. I was usually tired by the time my wife got home from entertaining my daughter, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, that often I just wanted to spend my evening with my wife. It wasn’t until she started meeting up with friends on a week to week basis that I finally said, wtf! Not wtf, why are yoi going out all the time, but wtf, how come I’m not going out and meeting with other adults.

I realized that I’m in an aweful position to meet adults though. I go from walks, to the museum, to the pool, to the zoo, to the library, to my house, all with my 22 month old daughter in tow. I generally focus 100% of my energy and focus on her. The situations are not the most conducive to meeting new people or adults. Cest la Vie.

As a stay at home dad or stay at home parent what do you do to get adult interaction? I have recently started a stay at home dad group, but am still in the process of getting that on the floor. I am friends with my neighbors, but not yet to the point where we go out golfing in the morning or something like that.

It’s definantly a work in process, but its something that I realized I should probably take a little more of a vested interest in this and find some adult friends, that or maybe I’ll be saying good bye to my sanity!
Lazy Dad

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